Send large files by mail: This is how it works

Whether in industry, trade or scientific operations – wherever large volumes of data, comprehensive product catalogs or detailed planning models are available, files quickly reach a size in the gigabyte range. If these files then have to be sent to business partners or customers, the question quickly arises of simple transfer options that nevertheless comply with high security standards. The easiest way is certainly to send them by e-mail. But is that possible at all for files of this size?

It is not an easy lot that Mr. Jablonski has drawn. In his company’s sales department, he is responsible for ensuring that wholesalers always have the latest product information from Schrauben & Mehr OHG’s large portfolio. Like Schrauben & Mehr OHG, his partners rely on the standardized BMEcat format. The product catalog, which is properly maintained according to the standard, is expanded annually and has meanwhile grown to a considerable size, so that the associated XML file has also become larger than one gigabyte.


Mr. Jablonski is now faced with a problem: Not only does he have to find a way to send a file of this size regularly updated to the trading partners, but it is also imperative to ensure that the file does not fall into the wrong hands. After all, the catalog already contains information on products that have not yet been officially announced. Sending it via services such as Dropbox or WeTransfer is therefore too risky for him. Does Mr. Jablonski have no choice but to drive to each partner individually, USB stick in hand, to deliver the catalog data securely? Fortunately not, because he hasn’t even thought of the simplest and at the same time most secure method – good old e-mail.

How to send large files by mail

The advantages of this method are obvious: First of all, e-mails have become such an essential part of our working world that really everyone can handle them without having to learn new tools again – even our Mr. Jablonski. The mail program is easy to use. Sending large files fits seamlessly into existing workflows. In addition, Mr. Jablonski’s contacts know his e-mail address and therefore trust the source when he sends the large catalog files.


But how do you send large files via email, since there are such things as file size limits? That’s true, but with the help of an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool, it’s not a problem at all – the epiKshare Suite. epiKshare can easily be installed as a Microsoft Outlook plugin and thus be used directly in the popular mail client. Afterwards, even large files can be easily added to a mail by drag & drop in order to send them afterwards. The highlight: the files are not sent as attachments, but via an automatically generated link to the company’s epiKcloud.

How secure is it to send large files by mail?

This has several advantages: First of all, the attachments are not immediately compromised in their entirety if the email falls into the wrong hands, since the files themselves remain in Schrauben & Mehr OHG’s epiKcloud the entire time. In addition, our Mr. Jablonski retains full control over his BMEcat files even after the mail has been sent. He can also deactivate his sharing links afterwards if inconsistencies occur in the e-mail traffic. Also, if in a moment of carelessness he has given an access release to the wrong partner, he can easily withdraw it again. If he sends large files by mail, he can still password protect them with epiKshare – this would not be possible by default with attachments. By the way, with epiKshare files do not have to be stored in the cloud first. Even locally stored files can be shared with a few clicks. The upload to your epiKcloud is handled by epiKshare all by itself.


The epiKshare suite also offers users the option of protecting their mail attachments via end-to-end encryption (E2EE). This increases data security even more, because it ensures that the files can really only be opened by the intended recipient. Even if one of Mr. Jablonski’s competitors secretly intercepts his mail, he still won’t be able to read any information about Schrauben & Mehr OHG’s new range of milling cutters – so Jablonski can go home with peace of mind.

With epiKshare you send files of any size easily by mail

Sharing files easily and securely has always been the basic idea of the epiKshare Suite. We provide you with all the tools you need to easily send large files directly from Microsoft Outlook via your epiKcloud. To ensure that nothing changes in your workflow, we have developed the epiKshare suite to be particularly easy to use. If you have forgotten an attachment or sent it incorrectly, this is not a problem: You can edit attachments once they have been sent at any time and withdraw approvals once they have been granted. This gives you full control over who can view and download which files at any time. Furthermore, sharing data with epiKshare is particularly secure: shared attachments can only be viewed by people who have the necessary login credentials. In addition to SSL-encrypted sending, all your data is end-to-end encrypted.


Don’t be constrained by artificial file size limits anymore and don’t make any lazy compromises when it comes to security. Request your free epiKshare trial right now and start sending large files via email today. For more information on mail sharing with epiKshare, visit


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