Email encryption in Microsoft Outlook

It is and remains the undefeated queen of communication tools in German companies: e-mail. Thousands of electronic letters are sent back and forth every day, a large proportion of them via Microsoft Outlook, which still enjoys great popularity as software for sending and receiving e-mails. But what does it look like when e-mails are to be encrypted for security reasons?

ownCloud Consulting: The right configuration for your private cloud

More and more companies are opting for self-hosted cloud instances on their own server. As an open source solution, ownCloud is a popular choice for this, which can be customized as desired using plugins. We show what options you have to find an ownCloud configuration that perfectly fits your needs.

In the wake of the “Privacy Shield” termination: Keep your data clear

Just over half a year ago, the agreement on the transfer of personal data between the EU and the USA, known as the “Privacy Shield”, was overturned by the ECJ. But do all of us have to panic now? Who needs to take action at all? We clarify what the end of “Privacy Shield” means for companies.

Overview: What hardware security modules do for data encryption

It is not only in a high-security context that the protection of sensitive data is paramount. If you want to be on the safe side when dealing with cryptographic keys and application environments, you should rely on so-called hardware security modules (HSM). In this blog, we reveal the advantages of this and what you should look out for.

File sharing done right: How to share your files securely and flexibly

Sharing data over the Internet is a double-edged sword for many. On the one hand, the ability to make important documents available to customers, business partners or colleagues within seconds saves considerable time and money. On the other hand, sending data over the Internet always involves certain security risks. In our blog, we explain how to keep data transmission secure while still offering maximum flexibility.

What is E2EE – and what is it not?

Not only since the success of messenger services such as Telegram, Threema & Co. has end-to-end encryption (E2EE) been on everyone’s lips. For many, E2EE is synonymous with the secure exchange of data and messages over the Internet. In fact, E2EE offers a high level of security. However, users should keep a few things in mind. Which these are we’ll clarify in this blog.