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Migrating to the cloud

Getting requirements, setup, migrating to the cloud – for epiKshare team, all of these have been a part of our daily business for years now. We are on our home ground when it comes to creating extremely secure and easy access to all the required IT infrastructure in the cloud, as well as establishing cyclic data backup protocols according to the country- and organization-specific requirements.

epiKcloud development

epiKteam provides excellent support and maintenance of your epiKcloud, providing epiKware solutions, such as epiKryption and backup, or tailor-made plugins to fit your epiKcloud environment and requirements.

C# development and consulting

We can help you take the leap from thinking in terms of the solutions and services you own today to developing innovative plugins and solutions that can help your business grow.

Java, NodeJs, MongoDB, Spring

Front-end or back-end, we develop innovative and easy-to-use solutions determined by your needs rather than by product or service availability. Our diversified solutions for web, mobile, desktop, server, cloud, and hybrid environments are tailor-made to meet your needs now and in the years to come.

What makes our services epiK?
We are a company committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We are committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. We are certified partners with epiKcloud. And we stand behind our services and solutions from cradle to grave, supporting them 24/7.
Even our clients are epiK

Our story is epiK and worthy of a good quote. Below you can see some of our trusted partners and satisfied clients.

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