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Cloud computing as smooth as possible, yet so reliable

Choose the right package for your requirements. All packages are charged on a per month basis. All prices are excluding VAT.

Single Users

19,50 $ / 15 €
/ user / month, yearly subscription, 1-4 users
23 $ / 18 € for monthly billing

Outlook plugin

Share files easily by mail - via epiKcloud and without any file size limit, end-to-end encrypted if desired.

Easy file sharing

Password protected - Temporary access restriction - Anonymization function

Sharing permissions

Grant read, write and modify permission to folders and files

Virus and malware protection

Live-Securityscan und Ransomwareprotection

Multi-Factor Authentication

Should your password be hacked, your account will still remain protected.

Support +

Fast support from experienced technicians

Data center in Germany / USA

The storage and protection of your data is subject to the strictest controls and always complies with the latest German guidelines.
Data of our European customers will be stored 100% in DE. Data of customers from North-, South America and Canada in USA

Data backup +

With a retention period of 30 days a daily backup is performed, which can be retrieved in case of any loss.

Apps for desktop and mobile devices

Work On- and Offline from any device and any location

256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption

A secure transmission between all devices and the data center


17 $ / 13 €

/ users / month, yearly subscription, 5+ users
21 $ / 16 € for monthly billing
All features as in Basic, plus:

Outlook plugin

Share files easily by mail - via epiKcloud and without any file size limit, end-to-end encrypted if desired.

Storage +

The starter package already includes 1 TB of highly secure storage space and is extended by 200 GB per user

End-to-end encryption for maximum security

Encrypt every file and metadata on your device before uploading it.

Group and user management

Optimized collaboration between groups and users

External members

Easily integrate external users into existing workspaces with the Guest Accounts function.


Comply with corporate and privacy policies by defining allowed file types that may not be synchronized*

*Optional upon request


Our epiKcloud hosting service is also available customized to your needs:

Start your Cloud Office now!

With the Cloud Office ONLYOFFICE you get everything you need to realize outstanding projects. Create and edit documents, tables and presentations directly in your browser. Simultaneously with multiple persons. From anywhere and anytime.

Now optionally available for all accounts!

Switch from a hosting service to THE cloud hosting service

epiKhosting at work: We install epiKcloud in your environment as well as provide your epiKcloud license. Selecting epiKhosting as a fully-managed cloud service in a German high availability data center means your data is completely protected. Surely you don’t want to cross your fingers that you’ll live through a data breach?

It’s private, it’s open source, it’s up-to-date

epiKcloud differs from other clouds in that it is private, open source, with a growing and developing community of millions of users, relied upon by some of the largest enterprises all over the world. You may benefit from systems updated at all times and from constant maintenance with up-to-date anti-virus and firewall technology.

Reliable and trustworthy service

Ultimate safety for your data and services by the fully-managed epiKhosting cloud service with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management System (ISMS). A flexible structure of hosting Windows and Linux servers in the high-security data center. Access is possible via web browser or Windows and MacOS workstations.

epiKshare means safe share

The epiKshare portfolio is important for companies that want to know exactly where their data is, to share or send it confidentially as mission-critical data. Sending of small and large project files as a link via e-mail, with password protection and validity restriction. Secure mail sharing directly from Outlook with no size limit. And it only takes a few clicks.

Zero-knowledge encryption for epiKcloud

epiKshare’s E2EE ensures the highest level of data protection when storing and exchanging sensitive and personal data. Implemented with trusted algorithms, it prevents any unauthorized persons from accessing or reading the encrypted data.

Customized epiKcloud environment

Deploying epiKcloud environments and applications with add-ins includes a 24/7 service on site with advanced encryption and anti-virus services. epiKshare provides emergency power supply for more than 48 days and perfect syncing for European data with GDPR-ready infrastructure. The epiKcloud flexible architecture offers implementation of Dropbox, OneDrive, as well as other external storage options, such as FTP, Swift, S3, etc.

Why epiKcloud

Discover why epiKshare remained faithful to providing epiKcloud installation and plugin development.
Check epiKblog and read FAQ about epiKcloud hosting.

Compare cloud providers

All cloud storage vendors claim that they make no compromises in protecting your data.

See yourself why epiKshare epiKcloud stands out from the masses when it comes to comfortable and secure data storage.

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