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epiKtribe far more than just tech.

Utterly convinced that good service matters.

We have this epiK vibe
We’re a crew of believers – we firmly believe that your data should stay private and that businesses should embark on their cloud journey. We are here to help you migrate to the cloud and enable a smooth transition for cloud adoption. As “Made in Germany” still stands for the internationally recognized quality and excellence of services, we believe that we have what it takes to keep up with this reputation. But don’t trust our word – try us out!

Inspired by vision

Virtual is a new reality in the fourth industrial revolution. A new era of development and services in the cloud for shaping a connected world. We are your transformation team to get you there.

Our mission

epiKcloud is a place to which you can move your entire IT infrastructure. What it is, what to move and how, how it will impact and how it will benefit you to have your data and services readily available at any time, this is what we’re here for.

It’s human to promise

As it is to err. However, we keep our promises and have efficient risk management to prevent failures. We always go the extra yard for our clients and partners. We don’t believe that it’s not personal, that it’s only business. It is also personal. We bring high technology and personal communication together. That’s why you’ll never be a dull number with us.


Focus on the human aspect of your business in a virtual cloud. The message is not in technology. Technology can only help deliver your message. We make your technology transformation successful so you can focus on the human aspect of your business and embark on an epiKjourney.


High security hosting and housing

BW-TECH GmbH was founded in 2008; construction and installation of hosting and housing services in the high-security center in Frankfurt


Setting up epiKcloud environments for clients
Our first installations of epiKcloud environments for customers.


epiKshare launch
The launch of epiKshare combined with epiKcloud, epiKprotect and SUSE.


epiKshare expansion
BW-TECH GmbH service portfolio was expanded with the epiKshare development team. Since 2015 epiKshare is also present in the USA.


First epiKshare add-in for epiKcloud

Development and release of the first epiKshare add-in: epiKmailshare add-in for OwnCloud is fully integrated with Outlook and provides file sharing with no size limit.


New epiKshare end-to-end encryption plugin

The new epiKryption plugin is the epiKshare zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption (E2EE) solution that ensures the highest level of data protection and can be easily integrated with epiKmailshare.


epiKshare hosting and development service continually expands its offerings

epiKhosting provides very private, customized and fully-managed cloud- and server-hosting in a highly-secured environment with integrated backup.



epiKbackup now also available for Office 365, Salesforce and G Suite

epiKshare cloud-based data centers provide our own built-in data protection, now also available as cloud app protection service for Office 365, Salesforce and G Suite, hypervisors, DBs, and legacy operating systems.





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