epiKryption = zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption for epiKcloud

Benefit from the
Privacy of Encryption

Hop on the no-snoopers-allowed train where end-to-end encryption is performed on-the-fly by the web browser.

Key Features

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures the highest level of data protection when storing and exchanging sensitive and personal data. Implemented with trusted algorithms, it prevents any unauthorized persons to access or read the encrypted data.

Simple management

No special software is required. E2EE is user controlled and done on-the-fly by the web browser.

Hybrid encryption method

No special fee-based certificates are required as the epiKcloud server handles the public keys.

Maximum security

Data is encrypted at its source using AES-256 for files and RSA-2048 for file keys, thus protecting it wherever it goes.

Safeguarded by “key pairs“

epiKryption generates a “key pair“; a private key, stored on the recipient’s end, and a public key, stored on the epiKcloud server. The keys are generated individually (browser) or centrally (administrator).

Encrypted spaces

Encrypted spaces can be shared with external users with no additional license by dynamically adapting the encryption keys in the background.

Prevent MITM attacks

The epiKryption methodology ensures protection against man-in-the-middle attacks and against unintended access via server backups.

GDPR and FIPS compliance

epiKryption and file sharing plugins ensure GDPR compliance and FIPS compliance (in combination with a FIPS certified browser) required for U.S. government contractors and agencies.

E2EE and file sharing

epiKshare’s plugin for Outlook can be integrated to automatically share end-to-end-encrypted files from Outlook via epiKcloud, with no file size limits.

Want to share files with a customer or business partner and at the same time be sure that no one else can read or intercept?


Think about how much your data is actually worth. Can you afford any data breaches?

The safest and easiest way to share encrypted data

We know nothing about the encrypted data you store on the epiKshare servers.
Your data is kept private by our end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

Let’s keep it that way!


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How does E2EE for epiKcloud work?

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