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Switching from your limited local server landscape to hosting services has never been easier with epiKshare.
Secure cloud migration

At epiKshare we like to think of switching from your limited local server landscape to epiKshare hosting services as embracing scalability (all the benefits of SaaS), security (E2EE)fully integrated complete Microsoft Office environment, as well as Datev, Lexware, CRM and ERP business solutions.

These are just some of the reasons epiKshare remained faithful to providing ownCloud installation and plugin development: 

ownCloud recently got nominated again for the Cloud Computing Insider Award 2019.

Main drivers to decide in favour of cloud- or server hosting


Your IT infrastructure can grow with your business. Extra resources are available when required, thus optimizing your costs.


Physical cloud infrastructure in Germany, protecting the fidelity of the stored data. 24/7-service remote and on-site support, emergency power supply for more than 48 days.


Sophisticated security infrastructure ensures your data is kept secure (for your eyes only, with zero-knowledge storage), your communication and file transfers are encrypted and protected from malware attacks.

Backups and compliance

A reliable cloud backup service for automatic daily backups of all your data and IT infrastructure. Your data is replicated on multiple servers to ensure its accessibility. epiKshare hosting is compliant with the GDPR backup and data protection requirements and imposes strict rules to govern data access.

Greater efficiency

Flexible working environment facilitates collaboration across multiple locations as it empowers employees to be able to work from anywhere at any time securely and easily.

Agility and speed

Increased agility and speed to reach your customers quicker and provide faster services. According to Gartner’s research, companies value private cloud agility and speed above all other benefits.

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

Which hosting option?

ownCloud is an open source product with a modular structure that can be either expanded or integrated into your existing infrastructure. ownCloud also provides a commercial license that keeps all changes and adaptations private. You can choose the most appropriate ownCloud configuration depending on the nature of your business and its requirements.

How to migrate?

Analyze your business environment: which applications are in use and what are their specific requirements. Carefully prepare a cloud deployment plan to effectively migrate to the cloud (moving existing infrastructure, opt for SaaS or PaaS offering, restructuring or retiring).

Compliance and data protection

Think about data sovereignty (data centre in Europe or in the USA), compliance and data protection; back up your existing infrastructure and data to ensure your data is safe and can be easily retrieved.

Use test cases for each type

Select different but representable non-critical cases for test migration to ensure that everything works as expected. Test your individual components, make sure that they are communicating properly; at the same time, check that your admin tools are relevant for checking and maintaining new cloud apps.

Get expert help in cloud migration

Get epiKexperts to facilitate your migration. We are a certified partner of ownCloud, providing cutting-edge expertise in migrating to ownCloud, consulting and development. Get in touch for your free consultation: Contact epiKexperts

Whether you’re looking to migrate your business to a cloud environment or would like to get a quote for a dedicated server, or maybe you’re still not sure which hosting option to choose for your business needs – we’re here to help. 

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