Outlook Mail-Sharing Add-In
for epiKcloud

Secure mail sharing with no size limit straight from Outlook;
and it only takes a few clicks.

A cure for
size limits and email vulnerability

epiKmailshare add-in is fully integrated with Outlook. As a result, installation of the Outlook plugin is simple
and you’re ready in no time to send your files with no size limit directly from Outlook.

Fully integrated into Outlook​

It only takes a few clicks to share your data or whole directories from Outlook via a safe and secure download link. All the important attachments stay within your company or in our data center. The plugin for epiKcloud is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 365 (offline), 2019, 2016 and 2013.

End-to-end encryption

Make your data sharing even safer with epiKryption. This end-to-end encryption plugin adds additional security layer and can help you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires data encryption for any system that collects data on EU citizens.

Free of size restrictions

No size limit on attachments – they are automatically replaced with links to files or folders in epiKcloud. As a result, you can send your data on the fly with a secure password.

Optimized secure sharing

epiKmailshare works with secure SSL encryption and provides password-protected sharing to restrict access to only those who know the password and have the download link.

Time-limited access

Password protection and validity restriction for data access. Files will automatically expire and will consequently be deleted after a configurable period of time.

Safe data storage

Your shared data is as safe as it can be: it cannot be accessed unless with proper credentials and it is backed up for the duration of the sharing period.

Send all kinds of data of any size, anywhere, anytime.

How? Watch the video and find out!


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Keep your data from falling into the wrong hands!

Combine Outlook file sharing with end-to-end encrypted storage.


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Get ready to share

A step-by-step overview of configuring epiKshare epiKcloud-hosted file sharing for Outlook.
The add-in is fully integrated into Outlook, super easy to use, it works with secure SSL encryption with all the data checked for malicious software before being sent to the epiKcloud server. Additionally, it provides password protection and validity restriction for accessing the data.

The sender decides whether or not they want to set a time limit for accessing the files or folders. The default access time has no limit set, but they can also enter an expiry date, after which the data can no longer be accessed.

Time to start running a solid file-sharing platform, eh?
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