Secure data transmission in day-to-day business in medical practices

Sending patient data securely by mail

Absolute security for you and your patients - encrypted and password-protected file transfer with epiKshare.

The most secure solution for sending
patient data.

While medical practices and clinics are digitizing many everyday processes, sending patient data remains a major challenge due to the extremely high data protection requirements. Often, fax or the costly use of additional programs (e.g. 7zip, WIN-RAR, etc.) remains the only way to share sensitive data with patients and other physicians. But with the right encryption and the appropriate solution, sending patient data by mail is also secure and uncomplicated.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption means that only you and the recipient have access to your mail attachments. This means that your patients' sensitive data is protected at all times and cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties.

Unlimited file attachments

Even extensive patient files that require a lot of storage space can be easily sent by mail with epiKshare. No file size limits, no workarounds.

Easy to use

Encrypting and sending patient data by mail is simple and straightforward with epiKshare. You don't need to adjust your workflows or pay attention to complex tools.

Fully integrated with Outlook

epiKshare can be used completely from Microsoft Outlook. This means that there are no additional work steps for your practice staff, so that patient data dispatch is easily integrated into the daily practice routine.

Secure data storage

All data that you share internally, with your patients or other practices & clinics can only be viewed by people with the necessary credentials and remains in your epiKcloud throughout.

Maximum security

epiKshare works with secure SSL encryption. Additionally, you can password protect sensitive data - so your practice retains maximum control. The integrated malware scan provides additional protection.

Share data of any size - anywhere, anytime.

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So that your data does not fall into the wrong hands

Combine Outlook file sharing
with end-to-end encrypted storage.



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epiKshare - The secure solution for sending patient data by mail.

Easy to use
The handling of epiKshare is simple and straightforward for all employees. The epiKshare plugin is integrated directly into Microsoft Outlook and requires no expert knowledge. This way, everyone succeeds in sending maximally protected patient data.


Fully DSGVO compliant
When sending mail attachments, epiKshare ensures the best possible protection of patient data. The secure end-to-end encryption also meets the security requirements of the DSGVO.

Comprehensive security options
If you wish, you can password protect your email attachments with epiKshare and have them checked by malware scan. Attachments that have been sent incorrectly can also be changed or deactivated afterwards. This way, you retain full control over the protection of your data.

How digital doctor-patient communication will succeed


In just a few steps you are ready to go with epiKshare for Outlook.

Here's how it works:

Share files, encrypt them or check them for malware – with epiKshare you can do all this directly from Microsoft Outlook. This way, you can share even sensitive data with your customers and business partners without hesitation and keep full control at all times. 

"Efficient collaboration via the Internet and maximum protection of patient data do not have to be mutually exclusive. With epiKshare, we provide medical practices and clinics with an easy-to-use solution for sending patient data by mail that guarantees maximum security."

Frank Böttcher
COO, BW-Tech GmbH

Secure file sharing by mail for medical practices and clinics.
Fully DSGVO compliant.

The cumbersome transmission of patient data by fax is no longer in keeping with the times. Combine the benefits of digital communication with maximum data security. 

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