epiKshare Outlook-Plugin V3.0.0

GUI Update for Sharing and Settings
Allow Creation of Upload-Only Folders including Folder Watching and Notification
Recursive Folder Download
Full E2ee Decryption support
(Enterprise only): E2ee Download Support incl. PKCS#11 Hardware Token Support
(Enterprise only): Folder-Watch Support: Get Notification when a new File has been uploaded
Simplify Sharing
Support for Remote Profiles

epiKshare Outlook-Plugin V2.1.0

New password generator for easier to enter passwords
Show available space when sharing
Cancel chunk thats currently uploaded
Add notification on upload/share/send background events
New pending-share / progress window
Download of remote files through webdav browser
Support for multiple file uploads including support for additional attachment via drag and drop

epiKshare Outlook-Plugin V2.0.0

Cloud Client not longer required for uploading
UI and Performance Improvements
Support for Chunked Upload
Cancel Uploads
Support Remote Browsing and select Files/Folder to Share from WebDav
E2EE: Auto-generate Group-Name (=Foldername) and allow to Override
Update Translation files
Proxy Support
Support Office 2019