File Sharing And Collaboration Just as It Should Be

epiKshare is the right solution to share confidential company data securely and carefree and to make collaborative work more efficient.

Whether it’s on your own servers, in your or our own high-security data center: 
With epiKshare’s modular file sharing suite, companies can control the internal and external distribution of their files according to their individual needs: With features such as end-to-end encryption, an Outlook plug-in, and backup, restore and hosting services, epiKshare always provides the right solution – for every industry and every application.

The epiKshare Suite:
Individual security for your company

With epiKshare you can share files regardless of size and format – securely and effortlessly.  Thanks to its modular structure, epiKshare Suite adapts to your specific needs and your individual infrastructure.

epiKshare can be easily integrated into your existing ownCloud architecture – whether on-premises or via our epiKhosting data center service.

epikShare Suite Modules

End-to-end encryption

Benefit from the privacy of end-to-end encryption for ownCloud. Your data is protected exactly where it should be – at its source, and it can be read exclusively at the other end of the communication path, at its destination.

Outlook Add-In

Fully integrated with Outlook. You’re ready in no time to send your files with no size limit directly from your email service. Password protection and validity restriction ensure safe data sharing.


Benefit from online backup of your cloud data and its underlying database(s) or Backup as a Service. Explore why epiKbackup provides best cloud backup by far (Office 365, Salesforce and G Suite, platform-agnostic protection for hypervisors and legacy operating systems).


epiKhosting provides your very private, customized and fully-managed cloud storage where you can set your own rules – while having full control of your data in a highly-secured environment.


As certified partners with ownCloud, we provide excellent support and maintenance of your ownCloud, introducing tailor-made add-ins to fit your cloud environment and requirements.

Even our clients are epiK

Our story is epiK and worthy of a good quote. Below you can see some of our trusted partners and satisfied clients.

epiKshare certifications and standards

Our customers have entrusted us with their data.
We make sure that the data in our data centers is secure and compliant, thus our data centers adhere to the strict guidelines regarding transparency, data security, and legal basis.

epiKshare has all the required certifications to preserve the most valued data for the customer’s eyes only by securing the handling of sensitive business data.

Zertifikate epiKshare

Latest News from epiKshare

30. November 2020

Sharing data over the Internet is a double-edged sword for many. On the one hand, the ability to make important documents available to customers, business partners or colleagues within seconds saves considerable time and money. On the other hand, sending data over the Internet always involves certain security risks. In our blog, we explain how to keep data transmission secure while still offering maximum flexibility.

06. November 2020

Not only since the success of messenger services such as Telegram, Threema & Co. has end-to-end encryption (E2EE) been on everyone’s lips. For many, E2EE is synonymous with the secure exchange of data and messages over the Internet. In fact, E2EE offers a high level of security. However, users should keep a few things in mind. Which these are we’ll clarify in this blog.

13. October 2020

A new version of the enterprise file sharing suite epiKshare has been released. The company cites the completely revised end-to-end encryption as the central innovation. This gives users access to a range of new features such as encrypted subfolders and file timestamps, further increasing auditability and transparency when sending files.

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